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Article - 1 : US $ 950 = Quarter Million Dollars : Gemini Patel shares her experience
Gemini Patel was struggling hard to pay mortgage for her hotel in California. She was facing all sorts of problems – occupancy was low, rates were falling, no money for renovation, website was not functional and general low morale of all employees.

Gemini’s friend recommended her to try Cyberweb Hotel’s online reservation software – SellVEL. Like most hoteliers, Gemini had heard lot about benefits of Hotel reservation software. However, Gemini was not prepared to invest a single dollar without seeing the results.

Most software provider insisted on advance payment, long-term contracts, significant commission on reservations, complex technical set-up, spending time on learning and training employees. Gemini was not interested in any of this.

Cyberweb Hotel offered an almost unbelievable deal – No advance payment. No contract. No learning. No training. All reservations will come on fax. Cyberweb’s team will configure everything.
Gemini said, “I agreed to Cyberweb’s deal because I had nothing to lose. However, I was surprised to see the commitment and efficiency of Cyberweb team.”

Within 3 months, Gemini’s hotel occupancy shot from 42 % to 95 %. She was almost full all the time. Gemini raised the prices by 20 %. However, the reservations kept coming.

In 6 months, Gemini collected US $ 250,000 through reservations coming from her website through SellVEL software.How much did she finally pay?

“Cyberweb offered me 30 days free trial. After 30-days trial, I opted for the regular software license for annual fees of US $ 950 and US $ 5 as software maintenance charges on every booking coming through software.” Gemini informs with a smile. Gemini is planning to buy a new motel in different state with different brand. Needless to say, everything about Gemini’s new hotel will be different but the reservation engine will be the same – SellVEL.

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