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Article - 2 : Monks who are buying the Ferraris!
Our obsession with money :

A fundamental shift taking place around the world relates to the basic view people have about “Business.”

One common thought that occurs in anyone’s mind is that business is about making money. This is the traditional way of thinking since last several centuries. People set-up businesses or take-up a jobs to earn money. This is obvious, wide-spread and common agreement.

What is our relationship and thoughts about these companies or businesses?

What is our relationship and thoughts about the individuals who work in companies?
Our current paradigm about companies, job, career and money :

We can clearly see following :

1. Our entire world is constituted by Companies or Businesses that supply us products and services we need.

2. We clearly know and experience that these companies and individuals who work for these companies are ONLY motivated to earn money.

3. We pay money and buy their products/services. That’s it. Our relationship with them is transactional.

4. As our view about the companies is a group of people committed to earn money, when we think about our jobs, we also think in the same way. We reduce our role in the company to that of the money we earn, our designation or our power.

5. We believe and act as if we are working in a job, career or business JUST to earn money, like everyone else.

The emerging new paradigm about businesses, companies and money :

More and more people today realize and business and job are NOT JUST about making money. Individuals around the world are looking for sense of fulfillment, joy, self-expression and contribution through their work and career.

Working is fast becoming the vehicle to express one’s own creative talent, skills and values. Work has transformed itself into the tool for self-development and self-growth.

Work gives people sense of who they are; their own self-worth.

A new paradigm for work :

In this new view, people realize that :

1. Companies are group of dedicated and hard-working individuals committed to create something useful and valuable for society.

2. A person doing a job is engaged in productive and creative actions that makes a contribution to our world.

3. Career means moving forward in a job to make increasingly higher level of contribution in making this world wonderful.

4. Money or profit is an expression of companies’ ability to make concrete contribution to our community.

5. Business owners or entrepreneurs are creative and passionate individuals who are out there to do something that helps our world.

This new view is an empowering view. When we live in this view, we will have a sense of appreciation and gratitude towards million of hard-working and responsible people who make up our experiences everyday, who actually create our life.

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