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Article - 1 : Give Your Guests The Experience They Want
What does your guest want? - A clean room, comfortable bed, and an on-time wake up call are essentials. But that's where the experience begins. Guests want to feel at home. They want to be recognized. They want you to anticipate their needs and react swiftly to their requests.

Insight Gems is the ideal software to help you deliver that experience.

With Insight Gems Guest Experience Management Software (GEMS) intelligent guest matching and stay history features, information about your guests is always at your fingertips. Your team will anticipate guest needs and be more proactive because Insight Gems unique automation always gets them the right information, right when they need it.

Insight Gems delivers the essentials by automating and tracking preventive maintenance, service orders, and guest requests. All of this, in an affordable, easy to use, Internet-based application. Don't just give your guests a room. Give them what they want. Give them an experience.
Insight GEMS is like an online Guest Comment Card software that allows you to send & receive comment card via email to your guests.

Top Benefits :
Insight GEMS is a fast and easy way for your GUESTS to describe about their stay in your Hotels Rooms. It helps you to develop & improve the room as per guest requirement. With guest cards, you can develop powerful sales intelligence & market your room to your existing client. It helps you to maintain your credibility among your guests. Insight GEMS allows you to store guest cards information permanently in a simple, easy to use interface.

Successful Guest Cards Integration :
Please visit to view the successful demo of Guest Cards software. When you sign-up as our client, you will join the group of high status, reputed and the most successful & forward looking hoteliers in USA.

Integration Time :
It will take 1 week to integrate Guest Card to your website.

Investment :
The total annual investment to set-up and maintain guest cards software is just US $ 950.

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