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The following document describes the roles, responsibilities, benefits and profile of Hotel Vikas Advisory Committee Members.

Hotel Vikas Advisors are the member of high-powered Board of Advisors entrusted to manage Hotel Vikas and deliver greater value to its readers.

Hotel Vikas Advisors are experienced and committed individuals having a reputed track-record of serving US Hotel Industry. Hotel Vikas Advisors are interested in bringing the latest news, reports and information to Hotel entrepreneurs.

Hotel Vikas Advisors are industry and community leaders who inspire the confidence of their peers in Hotel Industry.

Role :

  • Hotel Vikas Advisor is a senior level position in Hotel Vikas Board of Advisors that enables the member to direct the thought process in Hotel Industry.
  • Hotel Vikas advisor meet with CEOs of Hotel Chains, Decision makers at Hotel Industry Associations and senior Hoteliers to discuss and plan the strategy for evolving the best practices for hospitality industry.
  • Hotel Vikas advisors also regularly interact with industry leaders to get their views on key matters related to the industry.
  • Hotel Vikas advisor also interacts with Hotel Vikas editorial board on selecting the best content for the print and digital media.
  • Be available as Authorized Hotel Vikas representative when we schedule meetings with CEO or Presidents of Hotel Franchisors.
  • Participate in Hotel Vikas conference calls and give your valuable views and opinions.
  • Whenever requested review Hotel Vikas magazine prior to its actual publication.
  • Participate in Hotel Vikas events.
  • Provide advice on how we can deliver greater value to Hotel Vikas readers.
1) Greater recognition:

Your name, profile and photograph will be displayed on the Hotel Vikas Website. Regular Hotel Vikas readers can contact you from Hotel Vikas website.

You can build your brand as thought leader in the industry.

2) Opportunity for networking:

As the senior board member of Hotel Vikas, you have an extraordinary opportunity to meet with industry leaders.

3) Let your voice be heard:

You can contribute articles, news and reports. You can also ask Editorial team to high-light issues that you consider relevant.
Procedure of acceptance as Hotel Vikas board member :
  • Send your updated resume or profile with photograph.
  • Be available to answer any questions that the Editorial team might have.
  • Review & sign the agreement.

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