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Mr. Don Farrell - EntreprenYOUR
1) How is entreprenyour, Inc different from other management consultants and trainers?

We are different because we have more experience in the TACTICAL steps necessary to get hotels to maximize their revenue and profit potential. In fact we even guarantee success. I started in the hotel business @ age 15 (52 today) as a pot scrubber and worked my way through every department. Was fortunate to I start the world’s largest training company in 1986 where we trained over 15,000 hotels and another 7,000 other businesses.
I sold that company last year so I could focus on working with leaders who want to separate themselves from their competition once and for all through a service and sales culture on 6 different levels. Only when that happens can a hotel, or any business, be truly unique and therefore offer competitive advantages to their clients, employees, vendors, lenders and community.
2) Generally consultants and trainers are expensive. How can small business like 50-room hotel property in small city take advantage of your skills and expertise?

The best consultants and trainers charge the most….but it is an ROI proposition. If someone were to say to you I can make you very rich but it will cost you people would take that offer. Small inns would be smart to join forces with other small inns and share in the investment costs of highly talented training and consulting companies. That way they could afford getting the best. I have a desire to start university programs in India and that would also be a cost effective way for an inn to get what they need.

3) All our readers are successful hotel owners with several hotel properties. What do you actually teach such successful enterprenuers? And how does your training makes a difference?

I work with successful people every day. They just want to be even more successful. Nobody knows everything, not is everone doing the best they can in all areas. We all need expertise to perform even better and one should never stop trying to be better in my opinion.

4) According to you, what are the 3 most important skills in any successful entreprenyor. What can the entreperneuryor do to develop these skills?

1. Be customer centric, meaning be aware of your situation from the viewpoint of your customer. Are you making it easy to buy you, to stay with you and to use you again?

2. Hire, develop and truly care for your employees. Human capital is your greatest asset.

3. As a leader, make revenue generation your #1 daily function. Employees take on the personality of their leader. If the leader sits in an office all day and worrries more about expenses, then so will the employees. If he or she is discovering new ways to generate revenues and interacts with many guests in a positive way, then so will the employees.

5) What is the impact of culture and upbringing on one's performance as enterprenuer. For example, the common accepted practice & culture in Asian Indian is to save money and reduce the debts to minimum.

You can’t cost cut your way to sustained growth. You need the right balance between driving top line revenues and driving profits through the right expense margins and practices. Always be thinking ROI, not just how much is the expense.

6) Based on your experience with hospitality industry, what do you feel the hotelier provide to be successful in hotel industry.

In order to be successful a hotelier needs the following:

A passion to provide legendary service to their guests and to truly care about the success of their employees.
They need to understand how to grow the top and bottom lines.
Any problems or opportunities they face should have a creative customer centric focus.
They are continually striving to learn more and get better.
An understanding of how to liberate business when there is only so much business to be had, but at the same time know how to work cooperatively with others when possible.
Offer ultra clean facilities combined with a service and sales culture that defines them so well that their competition cannot beat them with commodities.
Understand the difference between satisfaction and loyalty and then deliver it.

7) Is the Govt. doing enough to develop & support entreprenuers? If not, what else it can do?

I don’t think the government needs to do much more than make it easier to borrow money. Success happens locally for any entrepreneur and they need to take advantage of any and all opportunities. If one succeeds it probably won’t be because of the government. The same goes if one fails.


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