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Nikki Busuttil - Amari Hotels and Resorts
1) Please tell something about your organization and your key achievements & benefits you provide.

Amari Hotels and Resorts is one of Thailand's leading hotel groups. Amari provides luxury, deluxe and first-class accomodation, with at present 11 Amari Hotels and Resorts around Thailand, in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Samui, Phuket and Krabi, as well as a further 6 Amari Associate Hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Doi Angkhang and Loei. Amari has a unique portfolio of properties, each different, yet complementary and suited to its location, making up a combined total of almost 4,000 guest rooms. Amari Hotels and Resorts prides itself on over 40 years of experience in the industry, with a solid reputation, maintaining high international standards of management and service, coupled with the renowned, warm Thai hospitality.
2) Do you provide single online hotel reservation facility for your guests to book any of your hotels from single interface? If yes, what has been your guest experience & feedback with single reservation system?

Yes, Amari Hotels and Resorts has a single website where all properties can be booked and detailed information can be found on eachproperty and location. Guest response has been very positive so far. Guests can book rooms, along with a whole host of value added extras in order to make their holiday or business trip a memorable experience.

3) As a Hotel management companies, do you have a common set of management processes and technology platform to manage all hotels?

Yes, we do. Some properties are in the process of integration though.

4) Are you using Wikipedia, Social Media Network & other Web2.0 tools to promote your hotels?

Yes, we use them, but would consider our participation rather limited at this point. We are still waiting for a clearer picture and benchmarks to be established, before we participate fully.

5) Do you believe travel reviews sites like Tripadvisor or Travelpost give a fair chance to hoteliers to voice their response? What can Govt. do to restrict the misuse of Tripadvisor or Travelpost?

TripAdvisor and other such sites give a fair chance to hoteliers. We have communicated with them in case of grievances and found them to be responsive. If governments get involved credibility of all such sites will be at stake. Hoteliers should embrace this as part of Web 2.0 and not try to fight it.

6) What advertising & marketing method you use to reach out to guests? Which medium is the most effective medium?

We use print advertising, online advertising, SEO etc... Online advertising is by far the most tangibly effective medium.

7) Are you using mobile Internet and mobile sms marketing?

Amari Hotels and Resorts will start this towards the end of 2009.

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